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“Why Do You Wish My Cell Phone Number?”

Respectfully, our requirement for your cell phone number when placing a bid or inquiry (unless you only have a landline) is for a number of important reasons.  It’s so our office can use a text to schedule a call with you in order to answer your questions personally if that should need to be; it’s so that we can use SMS texts to update you to the auction in progress that you are interested in following; it’s so that when you win the auction David Seacord himself can speak with you to handle the very important final details.  In sum, it’s a requirement because it’s an essential part of the ‘communication workability package’ necessary to make this auction work.

Thank you for your understanding, and your very generous interest in the Art of David Kenyon Seacord!

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Art lovers from all parts of the United States and around the world beyond have collected David’s work. Honored by being in many astute and discerning  private collections, David’s highly original artwork is increasingly treasured as unique, rare, and growing in value by his ever expanding artistic appreciation community.

  • Sophia Shoen
  • Gail Fawcett
  • Hank and Elena Konerko
  • Gerald and Phylis Raboch
  • Anita Kochanoff
  • And many many more…

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