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Four Historical Galleries 1999 – 2020

The intended purpose of presenting these Legacy Galleries is simply to exhibit a larger portion of David’s body of work done in years past.  Legacy Galleries include both collected AND uncollected work, and intentionally do not indicate which is collected and which is not, as that is irrelevant to this purpose.

However, all of David’s paintings ARE available –as a custom reproduction –upon request, AND…, should you discover  a painting that you would be interested in collecting  IF the original of it IS available, you may certainly inquire about that painting  by contacting David Seacord Fine Art.

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1999 – 2005

Early Recognition

David began painting in the summer of 1999 at the age of 50 after discovering within him a creative force that has since led to the manifestation of well over one thousand paintings to date. The works presented in this gallery represent a selection of David’s paintings from 1999 to late 2005.

Landscape From Another World
Call of the Source
On the Path of Being Free

2006 – 2010

Professional Exhibiting

After a half-decade of creative and passionate artmaking, in January 2006, after living over 25 years in Santa Fe NM, David moved to Phoenix, Arizona and there, ably supported by his ‘then-partner author/playwright Sarah Elisabeth Brown, he made the transition to becoming a full-time professional artist. Participating for several years in numerous art exhibition venues, the David and Sarah team found relatively quick success selling his ‘Modern Spiritual Impressionism’ paintings to both local residents and winter visitors. And in the summers, he was also rewarded with many new collectors located throughout the western USA via his participation in many juried Art Festivals.

The Call of Mystery

2010 – 2017

Career Sabbatical

After rapidly climbing in artistic recognition, the combination of the 2008 economic crash and the recognition of his father’s imminent passing led David to defer further active participation in ‘the art market’ in order to be in service to his father during his last days. Soon thereafter he also made the choice to help care for his mother for several years. During this time, David never stopped painting. This gallery presents paintings created during this sabbatical period.

Sleeping Buddha
Spirits of Great Medicine Men
Mid-air Joyfulness

2017 – 2020


After nearly a decade away from the activites of the professional art world, David has now returned and is actively exhibiting… primarily in an online digital format, and via the technologies of the internet he is sharing his latest works with his growing audience of fine art fans, appreciators, and collectors from around the globe. This gallery presents his more recently-birthed paintings…2017 through 2020… created after a lifetime of refining his technical skills, developing unique techniques, embracing his artistic style, and expanding his creative vision.

Lady Fishing With Flowers

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