David Seacord Fine Art 2021 New Work Catalog

Welcome To Our 2021 New Work Exhibition and Art Auction!

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From this page you may enter any of the eight Fine Art Exhibition Galleries that are offered on this website.

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Important Notice: Before bidding please read this essential Auction Bidding Information message.

Additional legacy galleries

More of David’s Work | 1999 – Present

Below are links to all the “historical earlier work” art exhibits that we have placed within this website so that you may view selections from David’s entire painting career.

These are NON-BIDDING Legacy Exhibition galleries, NOT ‘for sale’ galleries because they contain an undistinguished mix of both collected and uncollected works. They simply exhibit online many score’s of David Seacord’s past masterful creations, i.e., his artistic legacy.

We sincerely hope you enjoy viewing them.

Interested in a particular piece?

Art Collection Info

All painting in all bid-soliciting galleries listed on this 2021 Exhibition page are Now Available For Collection (until otherwise noted) by winning our private bidding auction process.

Please view the galleries, note the names and suggested beginning bidding levels of your favorites and when you’ve satisfied your heart, inquire about the artwork you’re interested in or make a bid using this button.

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