How or why is this so? It’s because both ‘I’ and ‘you” refer to egoic identities existing in a state of separation from each other…. and because no ego can BE LOVE, ego’s can only attempt to USE LOVE (which explains why [sidebar] most ‘I love you’ utterances essentially describe ‘an intimacy business deal’… more honest as an ‘I’ll trade you’). Yet LOVE IS its pure Self always, even while unified to the entire universe, and ….because Love is pure and cannot be used, it can only be ‘included by being entered’. Which means… for an ego to enter Love it also must be purified… in other words, make ‘selfless’, which means ‘to be without ego’. Thus the reference to ‘deleting the I and You’ from the statement, leaving us selfless enough to join/merge/enter the Everything/Always, ie, The Love.