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David happily playing a private concert in the Arizona home of his especially-generous Canadian art patrons.

May I play you my piano? 

This video was first published on Facebook in August 2021.


Well friends, this is my first ‘music video’… home produced in my kitchen (because where else would I put my piano? LOL.) and very simply recorded on my iPad mini.

Technically, recording it was a throwaway experiment, and I’m delighted that it came out as good as it did, because that inspires me to believe I can improve from here in future attempts.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I love making ‘created on the spot’ musicality, because this has been how I’ve been led to ‘learn piano’… by always playing ‘creatively’ and allowing ‘mistakes’ to open new theme pathways to follow.

Anyway, this kind of musicmaking is what I do to keep my mind and heart unified and open during the breaks I take from painting art in the painting studio (as when I need to let the art dry etc.)

BTW, the song I segue into and sing after playing improv for a while is called “To Have a Mind”, and I wrote it in 2015 or so, after reading a spiritual article by one of my inspiration sources about ‘having a mind that does not swell with arrogance at success…”

A tuxedoed David Seacord.

Music Credits

All of the above music is ‘home studio recorded’ with the assistance of various musician friends.  Jenny Bird (JennyBird.com), songstress from Taos NM is featured on the Beginning Again cassette album (which was recorded in 1986).

Jesse Butterfield plays traps and Greg Lister plays both flute and guitar on the 2001 A Monk in the World album, graciously recorded at fellow artist David Stowell’s Moss Landing studio.

Len Beyea plays a sweet soft lead guitar supporting me on Let Your Love Rule, recorded around 2014. Using multitracking, I sing harmony to myself on several of the recordings.

The Alleluia Chorus was created in about 2013, and the 3am Piano Improv is probably a 2016 recording.

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How My Paintings Transformed My Musicality

by David Kenyon Seacord

What is a musician? Is it not an artistically skilled person who uses sound to touch and move us in ways nothing else has to power to do?  And is not music the ‘food of the soul’? Is there anyone who does not know this from direct experience? I find that unlikely.  Yet there is one facet of music that many people are quite unfamiliar with…and that is PERSONALLY CREATING YOUR OWN MUSIC.

Culturally, for most of us most of the music that we listen to in our lives has been created by somebody else…. it’s given us by the availability of professionally created audio recordings capturing or editing musically perfect takes… read more

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