Many Thanks to These Super Important Patrons & Collectors Who Have Been The Bedrock of My Artistic Career Success!

– David Seacord

Sophia Schoen

Gail Fawcett

Hank and Elena Konerko

Gerald and Phylis Raboch

Anita Kochanoff

Richard E. Feldhake, DMD

Don and Becky Martin

Lynne and Bob Bochee

Tom Smith

Jon Mull

David Bolick, MD

Al Tierroy

David & Jen Larkin

B. Bijan

M. and S. Schein

R. and L. Kardish

Ieva Wright, D.D.S.

Irving Hoffman, PhD

Gene & Lori Ashcraft

Leonard Orr

David & Nancy Porter

David Hansen

Douglas Hill

Kevin Host

Emily Halston

Gabriel Cousins, MD

Derek and Katie Cissell

John and Linda Artac

Nat and Faye Frazer

Larry Hodgins

Richard Fiske, ND

Rev. William Irons

Victoria Boutenko

Dr. Lynn Mayo

Loren Lockman

Dr. Robert Medeck

F. & A. Peca

Jane Kohner

Erich and Heather Paetsch

Howard and Barbara Smith

Ira and Carrol Lourie

Jill Dotson

John and Lisa Heinbecker

Kathryn Straton

Linda Williams

Markus Fromherz and Heike Schmitz

Michael and Barbara Bergman

Morgan Langan and Puma St. Angel

Nancy Williams

Susan Bergkamp

Victoria Botero

David “Avocado” Wolfe

David Klein

M. Huvane/E. Hartgerink

Angela Anderson

Karen McFee

Dr. Karen Lali

Angela Wong

Stuart and Angie Kerr

Catherine Taylor

Linda Trageser

Chas and Liz Olson

D. Antonellis

Lenn Snyder

Harold and Kristina Rice

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